Amari Hua Hin & Amari Residences Hua Hin

Amari Hua Hin & Amari Residences Hua Hin

Location: Hua Hin, Thailand

Completion: September 2012

Site Area: 30,921m2 (19.3rai/7.6ac), 223 Rooms (Hotel) / 193 Rooms (Residences)

Client: Italian-Thai Development PLC. / Onyx Hospitality Group

Architect: Create Great Design Co., Ltd.

Interior Design: P49 Deesign & Associates Co., Ltd. (Hotel) / Create Great Design Co., Ltd. (Residences)


A modern tropical style with clean lines and introduction of soft relaxed materials with atmosphere of the beach such as wood and sand strengthen the sense of linkage to the nearby ocean at Amari Hua Hin. Tropical style planting such as large leaved plants and variegated foliage gives a relaxing resort feel to the hotel and residences.

Located on a busy highway, the main entrance creates a strong entry statement with cascading water feature and shell form paving.

At the inner court the two sub projects of the hotel and residences are designed to appear as one large garden when viewed from the rooms, but are spatially separated via level changes and linear water body. When experienced at ground level, the large space is divided into a sequence of gardens using levelling and planting for guests to experience and explore. Levelling necessitated by the car park structure was used to advantage, with the main swimming pool built on the higher level podium, giving separation to the all-day dining terraces. Cascading water features down from the podium give aural ambience to these shaded lower level terraces extending from the hotel lobby.

A set of grand steps are centrally located leading up to the hotel pool deck. The stairs lead to a jetty like boardwalk jutting out into the main pool. A beach side atmosphere is used for the pool with the jetty and a sloped beach pool entry. A separate kid’s pool has water spouts from a playful fish themed mosaic tile wall. On the other side the pool overflows down past a stage platform to a large open lawn for events and is a tranquil garden overlooked by the gym and its rooftop sunlounge terrace. Below the main garden court a curving stroll garden and lily pool has been built in the area reserved for future expansion.

A lap pool for the Amari Residences overflows into a large kid’s pool. The ‘kid’s’ zone also has a rubber finished play area. At the opposite end a ‘quiet ‘ zone features a spa and massage pavilions set into the tropical planted backdrop.